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Cartoon World Championship maintain positive focus

Equal in Diversity

This year’s Cartoon World Championships maintain a positive focus

For the third consecutive year, the internationally renowned ”Niels Bugge’s Cartoon Award”, will be awarded when The Cartoon World Championships are held at ’Niels Bugge’s Inn and Hotel’ in Dollerup Bakker, Denmark on May 30, 2015. In a time, when the word ’Cartoon’ has acquired a different meaning, this award will yet again emphasize a push in the other direction with a strong focus on the cartoons while embedding humour, creativity and appreciation of life.

For the third year straight, hotel owners Gitte and Poul Nielsen along with members of the international cartoonist organisation Federation and Cartoonists Organisation (FECO) are organizing the cartoon world championships, an event that attracts cartoonists from all over the world. Each year these artists are challenged with a specific topic, and this year ‘Equal in Diversity’ will headline the event. Inn co-owner Poul Nielsen elaborates:

‘It’s often like walking a tightrope when choosing an overall theme for the competition, and this year it has been particularly important to be spot on. Our starting point is a positive theme that, regardless of nationality, everyone can relate to and translate into humour. We therefore circumnavigate political and religious themes – the goal is to unify and include. This year we have chosen to focus on how we, as human beings, are fundamentally alike in all our diversity, and learn how this translates into satire’.

Though this year’s theme has been somewhat of a challenge for the participating artists, 800 cartoons have been flowing in from all over the world, including countries such as Canada, Russia, Iran and of course Denmark. Poul Nielsen promises that the standard this year is extremely high.

The judges who will select the three best cartoons consist, amongst others, of a number of internationally recognized artists from FECO, including Zoran Petrovic, Claus Seidel, Lars Refn and Morten Thorning, Head of the Animation Workshop in Viborg.

In addition to the very prestigious recognition and all travel and accommodation expenses paid, the top three artists will receive a price of €3,000 for the winner, €2,000 for the runner up, while third place wins €1,000.

The presentation of “Niels Bugge Cartoon Award” will take place May 30, 2015, 14:00 (02:00 PM) at ‘Niels Bugges Kro og Hotel’ in the presence of a number of prominent Danish politicians. Banquet will be held at ‘Dollerup Mølle’ at 19.00 (07.00 PM) where the comedian Christian Fuhlendorff will be master of ceremonies.

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