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[6th Niels Bugges Cartoon Award]

New date and details TBA.

Draw it so that you understand it yourself. This is what we cartoonists say and it is what you should do, but when it comes to artificial intelligence it is not that simple. I will try to explain in words: Artificial intelligence is a method of using automatic data analysis to build models for further automatic data analysis.
That way, artificial intelligence becomes an attempt to use IT to copy the human brain and the way we learn.

This is thought-provoking, because in the end the machine might outsmart us.
We have to ask ourselves: How far can we go? How close to being human will the machines eventually become? What influence will this have on the human evolution? And, not least, how far do we dare go?

We live in an age where most humans use artificial intelligence in their everyday routines. Many of us carry around an intelligent computer in our pockets – a smartphone.

The new technology provides us with quick, accessible information and it often makes decisions for us. On an iPhone, Siri learns about our needs and offers us knowledge and experiences which ‘she’ uses to customize our digital reality. But is Siri in our pockets or are we in Siri’s pocket? Has Siri put us in the pocket of big business such as Facebook, Apple etc.?

We need to use artificial intelligence for solving challenges and conflicts around the world instead of focusing on our own personal use. Famine, child mortality, and environmental issues – that’s what artificial intelligence should help us define and solve.

Artificial intelligence should not only be used to guide us in overconsumption of goods and entertainment. Artificial intelligence is an obligation.

Dear cartoonists from all over the world, with our 2018 theme Artificial Intelligence, all the possibilities are opened for you to express, thanks to your natural intelligence, your most terrific and free artistic creativity about this very important subject concerning our present and future as living social species on Earth.